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Under the auspices of: Ministry of Economy President of the Energy Regulatory Office

Dear Sirs, Friends and Colleagues,

Since 1st July 2007 every energy customer has had the opportunity to choose an energy trader. This fact has been generating new environment for both trader and customer. Electric energy has become a marketing product and a tool of unlimited trade, though it has kept hitherto supply conditions (parameters, reliability, etc). Since the beginning of 2008 companies are no longer obliged to approve energy rates, and starting from the beginning of 2009 as announced by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (URE) the obligation to approve energy rates will not include private households. However, practice indicates that not too many energy customers actually benefited from the TPA principle (slightly over 600 at the end of 2007). This also brings a new challenge for participants, exhibitors and organizers of the annual Energy Fair.

Polish and UN formal and legal changes are extremely important for the development of energy market in Poland. Equally fundamental aim of the Energy Fair organizing committee is also conducting a discussion on new tasks laid upon The President of URE - issues concerning competitiveness and energy efficiency of the Polish energy sector. This discussion gives all the subjects in the energy market the opportunity to meet and participate in the series of lectures and panel discussions arranged in order to formally organize abovementioned issues.

Organized for the fifth time running, the Fair serves as a unique stage allowing to meet all the entities participating in the Polish energy market. The idea to organize the Energy Fair was conceived in 2004, which was then the only venture of that kind in Poland, the one, that in the long shot was to give participants the opportunity to present their offers, perform business talks and even sign contracts.

Polish Chamber of Industrial Energetics and Energy Customers and the Association of Energy Trading are privileged to invite you to the :

V Energy Fair

which will take place in Warsaw on 23rd - 24th October 2008 at Warszawianka Conference Center in Jachranka.

We hope this year’s event will arouse great interest within all groups of customers, serving as a platform for discussion, exchanging opinions and offers in the domain of the Polish energy market. Each year we encounter the increasing number of participants at the Fair (the IV Energy Fair was visited by nearly 220 people). This year we hope to assemble as a large group of participants as it was in the past.
Following the formula of previous years we will provide you with both seminar and strictly trade sessions, which will allow you to become acquainted directly with the energy traders offers.

Once again, we cordially invite you to visit our Energy Fair and strongly encourage exhibitors to participate in the organizational process.

Yours faithfully,

Organizing Committee

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