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Dear Sirs, Friends and Colleagues,

Despite numerous difficulties, the electrical energy market in Poland is undergoing successive changes bringing it closer to functioning on competitive terms. At the turn of 2008/2009 global economic crisis and changing (increasing) Polish power prices have further exacerbated problems with liberalizing energy trading. Electrical energy has been a market product and a subject of unlimited trade for almost two years, whilst the conditions of its supply remained unchanged. However, despite the fact that since 1 July 2007 every customer has in theory the right to choose his supplier , there are still very few customers benefiting from the TPA rule. This has created and is still creating new operating conditions for every energy trader and naturally every end-customer. This also brings new challenges for participants, exhibitors and organizers of the annual Energy Fair.

Particularly important for the development of the Polish energy market in 2009 are the expected changes of the Law and their consequences for the market participants including customers and energy traders. Among the most important planned changes are the amendments to the Energy Law and the new version of the “Polish Energy Policy till 2030”. Another key aim of the Energy Fair organizing committee is the discussion of issues relating to the new (proposed more extensive) tasks laid upon The President of Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE), issues concerning the role and extent of given areas of energy trading, competitiveness and (following the introduction of this topic during last year’s Fair) energy efficiency of the Polish energy sector.

Organized for the sixth time running, the Fair serves as a unique setting facilitating the meeting of all the entities participating in the Polish energy market. The initial idea to organize the Energy Fair was conceived in 2004, as the only venture of its kind in Poland, which ultimate aim was to give participants the opportunity to present their commercial offering, perform business talks and sign contracts.

Polish Chamber of Industrial Energetics and Energy Customers andAssociation of Energy Trading are honored to invite you to the:

VI Energy Fair

which will take place in Jachranka on 22nd – 23rd October 2009 at w Warszawianka Conference Centre.

We anticipate this year’s event will arouse great interest within all groups of customers, serving as a platform for discussion, exchanging opinions and presenting commercial offerings in the domain of the Polish energy market. Each year we encounter an increasing number of participants at the Fair (the V Energy Fair was visited by nearly 230 participants.). This year we expect to host at least as large a group of participants as last year.

Following the formula of previous years’, the Fair will comprise a seminar session as well as a trade fair floor, which will allow participants to become acquainted with the commercial offering of exhibitors. For the first time we are planning to also invite selected companies active in the area of energy efficiency.

We cordially invite you to participate,

Yours faithfully,

Organizing Committee

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